mapWelcome to Kit’s Sport Fishing charter service, my goal as the guide & owner is to provide a charter that will create memories that will last a life time, we will start out as guide / client and hopefully end the trip as lifelong friends. My mission is to exceed all of your expectations and provide a day on the water that will never be forgotten.

A typical day (10 hours from dock to dock) will start off at a pre-arranged time (usually @ 6am) from a pre-arranged location, Motor will be running and fresh Coffee will be waiting with a spill proof coffee mug provided. After leaving the dock we will stop & check a few crab trap`s that may provide a tasty treat of fresh Dungeness crab throughout our day on the water, trap`s will then be reset and checked at the end of the day for you to add to your day`s catch.

Once a plan is made we will head off shore to fish for either Salmon or Halibut (up to the client and weather conditions on what we fish for first) in some of North Americas most lucrative fishing grounds. You can expect a run of 45min – 1.5hrs to reach the fishing grounds pending the time of year and weather conditions. ( highly recommended if motion sickness has been an issue in your past to start your patch or medication a day or two prior to your charter to ensure you have the best experience on the water as possible)

Prince-Rupert fishing groundsOn your trip you will experience the unspoiled Prince Rupert / North coast of British Columbia area in all its glory with sightseeing opportunities that are next to none. Orca (killer), Humpback whales, Bald Eagles, seal`s & Sea lions are a very common sight and on the odd day Grizzly & huge coastal black bear`s may be spotted as we cruise the shore line to our fishing destination, so please do not forget to bring a camera for when these sightings do occur.

After checking our crab trap`s at the end of the fishing day (usually around 4pm) I will clean and bag your day`s catch so that you can either pack it in coolers you provide or drop it off at one of the professional processors that are located in Prince Rupert.

A few Quotes we tend to agree with:

  • “Catch and release fishing is a lot like golf. You don’t have to eat the ball to have a great time.” – Author unknown
  • “The two best times to go fishing is when it’s raining & when it ain’t.” – Patrick F McManus
  • “Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once.” – Lee Wulff
  • “The worst day of fishing is still better than the best day at work.” – David Stempko

What is supplied on your daily charter?

  • Coffee & spill proof mug`s
  • BBQ on deck for the odd salmon that may jump into it throughout the day.
  • All the fresh bait for a day on the water
  • All the quality fishing gear you will need to be successful, if you have a favorite rod or lure by all means bring it along if you like, Please ensure new line is spooled on prior to your trip to minimize any chance of the big one getting away as they do that on their own pretty well as it is.
  • Sea ice to keep your catch fresh till we are back on shore
  • cleaning and bagging of fish ready to be packed in coolers you provide to take home or for you to drop off at one of our great local fish processors.
  • Certified boat and all required safety gear.
  • A personable guide with a passion for fishing & creating memories that will last a life time.
  • A positive West Coast fishing experience.

What I recommend you bring for your day on the water:

  • Saltwater fishing licence and salmon stamp
  • Rain gear & rubber boots as the weather is unpredictable and the deck can get very messy when fishing is hot hot.
  • Sunglasses /sunscreen (not a joke we do get to see the sun the odd day in Prince Rupert)
  • Camera
  • Lunch (BBQ on board) and beverages
  • Alcohol is permitted to a certain point; I definitely do not mind if you have a few cool ones throughout the day but if your plan is to get falling down drunk please book with somebody else.
  • Positive attitude and respect for the fish we are after and the beautiful environment that we fish in.